Lake Grande :: Presentation Video

Lake Grande presentation video. Visualize the project fly-through.

The transformation at Jurong as announced by URA will be one of the biggest projects that the state government is undertaking. Plans such as moving more commercial business activities to Singapore west side business corridor are underway to ensure the smooth transformation of Jurong into its planned precinct. The jurong transformation plans will involve hundreds of developers, architects plus many other industry players with a wide range of experience in town planning and transformation upgrades, developing Jurong Gateway into an Attractive Commercial Hub with an integrated network of pedestrian walkways between buildings, public amenities and public transport nodes.

High Speed Rail Terminal in Jurong – Authorities from Malaysia and Singapore has agreed to work hand in had to build a High Speed Rail (HSR) that connect Singapore directly to Kuala Lumpur. The new HSR will significantly reduce traveling time from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur to only 90 minutes or less. The HSR terminal in Singapore will be in Jurong east area, near to where Jurong Country Club is currently located. This high speed line is anticipated to be completed by 2022.

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